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When self-help is turned into a negative

Sometimes self-help can be harmful

In my personal experience, I have seen it have a huge impact on people’s lives: I’ve seen people become more naturally attractive, self-assured, and interesting.
Additionally, I would contend that things have been taken to an extreme. These days, it’s so easy to find new ideas and advice about how to become a better version of ourselves. Is it all for the good?

Self-help texts have both benefited and harmed others in my experience.

One of the most common methods that causes this to happen is when people use self-help as a way to procrastinate. I’m referring to the idea that people can use self-help as a substitute for working on their true goals.

Don’t be fooled

Basically, this is saying that once a person purchases a self-help book, they will feel like they are actually making a difference in becoming a better version of themselves. So they can pat themselves on the back and keep reading, they’ve done the work of buying the book.

While some self-help could be considered a delay tactic, in the long run, self-help is counterproductive. While it may help in theory, if you’re only using it in theory and never in practice, it is actually holding you back.

Be aware of who you can trust

The other problem is that self-help is extremely diverse, and people will draw their own conclusions from different sources.

With the internet, anyone can add to the conversation, and there is a significant amount of incentive to participate in order to gain views and money.

If you go by advice you have found that is based on zero evidence and has been provided by someone who is neither qualified to provide the advice nor has the expertise to support it, you risk falling into the trap of following that advice.

A typical example of something known by almost everyone is that it is possible to use visualization to achieve goals in life. I know, but did you know that you have to visualize them the correct way in order for this to work? While some studies show that goal-setting is not as significant as planning,

Take all of what you read into consideration, do something with it, and then come to your own conclusions.

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