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self help

When self-help is turned into a negative

Sometimes self-help can be harmful In my personal experience, I have seen it have a huge impact on people’s lives: I’ve seen people become more naturally attractive, self-assured, and interesting. Additionally, I would contend that things have been taken to an extreme. These days, it’s so easy to find new ideas and advice about how […]

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let go of yourself

Let Go of Yourself to Become the Best Version of Yourself

Attachment to the Old You What is the thing that is most holding you back from being the best version of you? You might be tempted to say something along the lines of ‘time’, ‘energy’, ‘money’ or ‘opportunity’. Perhaps you feel limited by other people? I have a hunch, which is that a big part […]

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online dating changes your life

Online Dating Changes Your Life

Online dating can change your life With all the engagements and the happily ever after’s made possible by online dating, it is too easy to assume that more single ladies and gents are intent to join the dating arena. Unfortunately, dating can be a little nerve wrecking if not scary regardless of where you meet. […]

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let go of the old

Let Go Of The Old And Experience

Experience The New Most people had an eight track player back in the days or even a cassette player to play music on. When VHS tapes came in, they were the hottest thing around, until DVDs took their place. Now DVDs have become all but obsolete, and were replaced with Blu-rays. The point is, old […]

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manage your fears

How to effectively manage your fears

Managing Your Fears When getting into a relationship, you will face a lot of fears emanating from the urge to please the other person .Questions such as will he/she like me? What do we talk about? What to wear during your first date and even where to go will flood your mind. Many of the […]

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