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true love

Does true love have the power to change my life?

Having a strong emotional connection I’ve always believed that my parents were soulmates, as my family members told me since I was a kid. They have been married for 36 years, and they are still going strong. For as long as I can remember, I have found this incredibly amazing, and some of my friends […]

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what do women want

What it is that women really want?

Traits you must have Some people say that women are difficult to understand. They are also emotional beings. It’s unclear, but according to experts, what women really want is… What compels them to act? Women have varying tastes, and here are some traits you must have in order to have a chance with any woman. […]

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boost your self confidence

How Boosting Your Self-Belief Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

Follow my lead This may sound like cliched advice from your parents, but it’s true that confidence can get you pretty much anything you want. That, as well as being yourself. If you want to snag a date, advance in your work, or improve any other element of your life, improving your confidence is one […]

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love life sucks

Why your love life sucks

Let’s Talk about it The key to resolving any problem in your life is to act! So before you start feeling self-pity let’s talk about the possible reasons of your unsatisfying love life and you will see how many things you can do to actually start feeling good about it! You can’t love someone else […]

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prosocial relationship behaviors

Prosocial Relationship Behaviors

The process of identifying relationship behaviors There are certain behaviors that will result in problems in a relationship and even ruin one from happening, and one of those behaviors is when someone is clingy. These can occur in the early stages of a relationship, or they can occur once the relationship has been established. For […]

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