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Does true love have the power to change my life?

Having a strong emotional connection

I’ve always believed that my parents were soulmates, as my family members told me since I was a kid. They have been married for 36 years, and they are still going strong. For as long as I can remember, I have found this incredibly amazing, and some of my friends are in awe of this ever-present quality and attention to detail in their relationship. The instant my mom met my dad, her life had been completely transformed. Next, I wondered: is true love capable of transforming my life?

I’m a skeptic

But a part of me loves my parents dearly and is envious of their relationship on any given day of the week. Being in love is one thing, but having the ability to change your life with the power of true love.  It brings up an interesting question… Why? How do you go about finding true love? How can you be sure it will change your life for the better? Of course, this has led the skeptics to the next logical question:… If the transformation does turn out to be positive, how do you know? To be honest, wouldn’t it be wonderful if our fairy tale ‘prince’ or ‘princess’ were out there somewhere, just waiting for that magic cosmic force to bring us together? We read this in fairy tales when we were young, didn’t we? To what extent is it realistic?

True love is hard to define

The question may not be “who or how,” but rather “what.” To what extent is a person’s belief in the transformative power of love related to what actually happens in their life? A question, not something that can be found in a dictionary. So it could be that, instead of who, how, or even why, true love is found anywhere. A love that allows you to focus on and develop yourself is a plus, or perhaps you are going through a difficult time and turn to a higher power for support and strength. Occasionally, I believe our society shows an aversion to anything that forces us to step outside of our comfort zones. Many believe that some simply do not believe that there is anything out there that is claimed to have the level of “true love”

The true power of love and change

I believe in the transformative power of true love, and the question is: Will you allow it to do so? My challenge to you is: Will you be willing to let go of all previous notions and fears when that special day comes in your life? My wish is that you say “yes” to this proposal.

Accepted Challenge! Happily ever after could be yours, if you look hard enough.

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